Double your confidence around women and in any social situation in under 6 weeks. Use deceptively simple mindsets & missions in your every day life. Stop being a bystander and finally get what you  REALLY want in life!


Double Your Confidence Around Women In 6 Weeks Even If You've Always Been Shy Or Introverted & Nothing Has Ever Helped!

I'll show you how you can do it too in this video...

The "Challenge"- How You Will Transform Week By Week

Week 1

Develop A New Confident Relationship With Yourself.

Week 2

Realise A New Confident Way To See Your Future. 

Week 3

Learn How To Take Action In A Confident, Powerful Way.

Week 4

Redefine Your Relationships To Others So They MAKE You Confident.

Week 5

Discover The Secrets To Staying Confident Under Extreme Pressure.

Week 6

Learn To Get Confident At "The Touch Of A Button", Just When You Need It Most!

Bonus 1 (In Week 1)

7 Mistakes Shy Men Make Around Women (45 min Audio Training)

Bonus 2 (In Week 2)

The Meeting Girls Preplay Track (10 min Confidence Building Visualisation)

Are You Ready For A New Life?

Confidence Attracts Women!

Start conversations with women, have amazing dates, perform in the bedroom, attracting the girl of your dreams into your life...the key to it all is confidence!

Confidence Opens Doors!

Finally get the respect you deserve at work because you handle meetings and challenges with confidence and ease.  Are you ready for that raise?

Confidence Unleashes Your Potential - Be Your Best And Feel Fantastic!

When you're truly confident you set your potential free to soar to new heights! When you've silenced self doubt and fears, you crush self limiting beliefs and create the life you've always dreamed of!

What Clients Think About The "Challenge"

Discover how previous clients have changed their lives with the 6 Week Double Your Confidence Challenge


"The Six Week Double Your Confidence Challenge has been absolutely incredible! Thank you so much! You have completely changed my life! I have troubles putting how I feel into words, but the best way that I can put it is that I just feel like a happier person. It feels like you have "woke" me up to my life. It's crazy how much people go through the motions every day and with this training, I've realized how in a trance everybody you meet in day to day life are."

United States

"WOW! I finally made it through the entire challenge! I stopped about half way through because I had so much going on at the time, I just didn't have the time to put into the program but, I picked back up from the beginning and finished! So, first let me  congratulate you on making such a remarkable program, the methods you put into the program are pure GENIUS! I'm really amazed at what this program has done for me."

JJ Minerick
United States

"Before the programme I was unhappy, and out of control and out of touch with myself. I didn’t have the skills or tools to get myself out of the rut I was in so I consequently felt awful the entire time because I was trapped. Now, I feel far more in control – it’s as if someone shut off the noise and now I am in the present moment. My eyes are wide open and I know I have the resources and tools to be a confident, happy person. I feel more of a man, calmer and collected.This programme really works. If you need help then look no further because these are life skills that will stay with you apply to a whole range of situations and allow you to be your best. You will find yourself. "


Stephan Erdman

Stephan helps shy, quiet or introverted men attract women & success with confidence &  integrity faster and more reliably than anyone else out there. Over the last few years thousands of clients have benefited from his transformational online programs, personal coaching and training videos and turned their lives around. He's also a qualified NLP Practitioner and Coach.

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