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Use my Meeting Girls Preplay Track to see yourself  effortlessly approaching women, flirting with women or even attracting your perfect girlfriend into your life!


So I recently asked guys about their BIGGEST CHALLENGE related to meeting new women…and here’s the first answer I got:

Graphic but to the point, right?

So here's the big question:

How does a guy get GOOD at approaching women, flirting with women or even seducing women…when he’s not able to get himself to do it?

Or when he does it, it predictably goes wrong and he feels even worse for next time?


By spending 10 min a day listening to my Meeting Girls Preplay track and mentally rehearsing exactly how he would approach a woman perfectly.

Or just for fun imagining how he’d handle the perfect date, making her laugh and flirt with her.

Or use it to imagine how he’d handle things perfectly in the bedroom…

All he’d have to do is find a comfy place to chill out for a while…(if you have a sofa or a bed or even a chair you should be alright on that score) get those new bluetooth headphones, put them on and hit play on your smartphone…and chill…

Following along the soothing narration (yup it’s relaxing and it’s going to make you feel good).

Let your focus be guided by my suggestions and let me get into your head to implant the images you need to see in order to feel like approaching women is a piece of cake...

...seducing a girl is a thing you’ve done over and over again and...

...rocking a girl’s world in the bedroom is…well almost like a deja vu experience - even if you’ve got hardly any experience of doing it so far!

Mental rehearsal or visualisation is the "go-to secret" of high performing sports stars like Olympic Champion Michael Phelps that use it to see themselves winning long before the race…because it works!

I am no Olympic Champion, but I credit this technique with overcoming my insane level of shyness around girls and achieving more in life (not just with girls) than I had ever thought possible.

I still use it regularly. And when I don’t for a while I notice it. In a bad way. ;-)

So here’s the deal:

On any average day you’d be paying  a minimum fee of $135 for me to take you through a visualisation once as that's the basic fee to get me on a skype call with you. 

But you won't have to pay anywhere near that for a audio track that you can use over and over again.

All you pay is $27.00 and you can use the track as many times as you like whenever you need it most!

(And did I mention that you get life time access to new versions of this track that I periodically create?)

Now..if you’re like me I am sure this is what’s going through your head:

“Ok, sounds a bit too good to be true. Isn’t this just some “The Secret type wishful thinking stuff”?”

I thought the same thing. Anything airy fairy that’s not proven that requires you to “believe” in stuff I avoid it.

But this is different. This is proven sports and success psychology adapted to the dating field.

Seeing yourself succeeding in your mind produces measurable results.

I’d never recommend it to you if it hadn’t changed my life in many ways.

Yet it’s important to be clear: It’s not enough to just listen to the track a few times and DO NOTHING.

You still need to take action and put what you’ve imagined into practice.

But it will feel like you’ve done it many times before…SUCCESSFULLY.

Imagine how that would affect your success level…how that would affect how good you’ll feel about doing it!

That’s why this works. You’ve got to see yourself succeeding first and then you’re far more likely to succeed.


So…for just 27 Bucks you’re getting instant access to :
  1. a potentially life changing tool that’s going to help you visualise yourself succeeding in all areas of meeting women.
  2. It’s downloadable via your laptop and you can simply transfer it to your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player and listen to it whenever you want.
  3. Listen to it ideally at home when you’re in a quiet place, but also anywhere else you want.

Just make sure you’re not driving as it’s very relaaaaxing!

Get this deal now. And please don’t share it with people who aren’t subscribers!

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